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Retailer Information

Retailers in need of POP, please check with your supplier first before contacting us. We routinely pass along POP to our distributors, who can easily include this material with your next order.

If you are trying to purchase our titles for your store, the following distributors can help you. Please note that we do not service retailers directly; you will need to purchase through one of our distributors.

For retailers in the USA

The best prices and fills are available through MVD.
Our titles can also be purchased through your favorite one-stops like AEC, Super D, etc.
Comic and game retailers looking for our Neil Gaiman CD can also buy those titles from Diamond Comics.
Specialty genre shops can also order our titles through COP International.

For retailers in Europe

All of our titles are also available through Audioglobe in Italy.

For retailers in Canada

All of our titles can be ordered from Storming The Base.

If you are a retailer with further questions about our titles, please do not hesitate to contact us at ferretcontact (at) dancing-ferret.com