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Q. Did Dancing Ferret Discs close up shop?
A. In July of 2008 we became a catalogue label, which meant that we stopped releasing new albums. Existing releases remained available. In late 2013 we began releasing a very small selection of new releases.

Q. Will there be any more releases from DFD?
A. Yes, but on a smaller scale. We may re-issue albums that have gone out of print, or albums from elsewhere in the world that were never given a US release. It is likely we will release compilations or special projects from time to time.

Q. Do you accept demo tapes or CDs?
A. We do not. We do not accept submissions at all.

Q. Do you accept letters or gifts on behalf of your bands?
A. No, we do not. To send something to one of our bands, please visit that band's website for contact information.

Q. Can you offer advice on how to get signed?
A. There are a number of great sites on the internet, and some wonderful books available, that cover this topic in great detail. Generally speaking, the best advice we have is to get out there and play some shows. Self-release a 5-song CD and sell it cheaply ($5). Generate a little buzz on your own. When approaching labels, try to find out the style of music they are releasing and don't waste your time (or theirs) if your music doesn't fit in with their roster.

Q. I own a record label outside the USA - can I license Dancing Ferret titles to release in my country?
A. We are always willing to entertain proposals, however, particularly if you are in a territory where English is not a commonly spoken language (e.g. Russia, Japan)

Q. What's the best place to order your releases on the internet?
A. The best prices and selection are at IsoTank Music Mailorder.