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The soundtrack to Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King is a blend of medieval, alternative, and orchestral music, all of which are combined to evoke the moods and themes that are central to the movie. The opening theme, both closing themes, and music from the film are included. The soundtrack is released by Dancing Ferret Discs and is available in stores everywhere now. For great pricing and quick service, try IsoTank Music.
Soundtrack Track Listing
1. E Nomine “Drachengold” 2. Blackmore’s Night “Gone With The Wind“
3. The Dreamside “Somewhere Before“ 4. Schandmaul “Drachentöter”
5. Therion “Uthark Runa“ 6. Faun “Prolog / Andro”
7. Estampie “Owe War Sint Verswunden [Edit]“ 8. The Crüxshadows “Winterborn (Subway To Sally Edit)"
9. Faun “Unda” 10. Das Ich “Egodram!"
11. Blackmore’s Night “Shadow of The Moon” 12. Corvus Corax “Dulcissima (Cantus Buranus)"
13. The Dreamside “Forsaken” 14. Ilan Eshkeri / London Metr. Orchestra ”Schicksal”
15. Xandria “Eversleeping” 16. Ilan Eshkeri / London Metr. Orchestra ”Todes-Finale“
17. Qntal “Remember Me [Kreimhild Edit]" 18. Barbi Schiller “Lebenslicht”
19. Katie Knight Adams “Riding On The Rocks“

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