Dark Kindom - The Dragon King
Dark Kingdom
Kristanna Loken and Alicia Witt bring heat to Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King, but the official soundtrack is pretty hot, too! Check out the movie trailer for an idea of what's it's all about.

Official soundtrack available March 7th on Dancing Ferret Discs
US Broadcast Premiere March 27th on Sci-Fi Channel
DVD available March 28th on Sony Pictures
Joining the deadly, delightful and delicious KRISTANNA LOKEN (Terminator 3, Philly) in her new movie, “Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King.” are ALICIA WITT (The Upside of Anger, Vanilla Sky), BENNO FÜRMANN (The Order), JULIAN SANDS (Leaving Las Vegas, Warlock), MAX VON SYDOW (The Exorcist, Minority Report) and many others. This award-winning 25-million-dollar film version of the classic saga, The Ring of the Nibelungs, was the highest-rated miniseries of the year when shown on German broadcast TV. Check out the graphic link above to see the trailer, which you can add to your MySpace or Friendster profile if you like. Here is the official track listing for the soundtrack:
1. E Nomine “Drachengold” 2. Blackmore’s Night “Gone With The Wind“
3. The Dreamside “Somewhere Before“ 4. Schandmaul “Drachentöter”
5. Therion “Uthark Runa“ 6. Faun “Prolog / Andro”
7. Estampie “Owe War Sint Verswunden [Edit]“ 8. Crüxshadows “Winterborn (Sub2Sal Edit)"
9. Faun “Unda” 10. Das Ich “Egodram!"
11. Blackmore’s Night “Shadow of The Moon” 12. Corvus Corax “Dulcissima (Cantus Burnus)"
13. The Dreamside “Forsaken” 14. Ilan Eshkeri / Lon. Metr. Orch. ”Schicksal”
15. Xandria “Eversleeping” 16. Ilan Eshkeri / Lon. Metr. Orch. ”Todes-Finale“
17. Qntal “Remember Me [Kreimhild Edit]" 18. Barbi Schiller “Lebenslicht”
19. Katie Knight Adams “Riding On The Rocks“

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